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 live the life you love & love the life you live

Linda who is an International spiritual teacher, is very sincere in her dedication to helping others, help themselves. She has a great deal  of expertise and has had first hand psychic & spiritual  encounters.  These include visions, travelling to higher realms, in her out of body experiences. Each person receives personal and compassionate attention.   Sometimes Linda works with the entire family to bring about peace and harmony.    


As a mother of four,& nanalinda to twelve granchildren Linda has gained much knowledge in life's university.  She has a calm no nonsense, down to earth approach and has a great sense of humour all of which helps everyone to relax.

Mission Statement
Linda Graham is committed to providing personal consultations, workshops and tutoring with a calm, down to earth approach.   She is also dedicated to bring light into situations with her her simple, no nonsense approach and great sense of humour  which helps everyone to relax. 


Linda's promise is to continue to develop herself, constantly updating her truths,  workshops and courses.  She will also continue to add ideas to her extensive  personalised wedding and baby blessing ceremonies.


She will also maintain her free work in the community which includes giving healing for those who have life threatening illness and support for their families.


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These angels flew out of her paint brush onto Linda's canvas


  • One to one consultations                 (all digitally recorded)
  • Consultations on skype
  • Reiki,/Seichem, Spiritual healing
  • Indian head Massage
  • Teaching
  • Meditation & Reflection
  • Spiritual Development
  • Indian Head Massage accredited
  • Reiki/Seichem  levels 1, 2, Reiki Master practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher  
  • 7th Level Breathing
  • Channelled Art